Savage Aural Hotbed

Article from The Daily Cardinal (9/21/98) - by Brian Gettler

Savage Aural Hotbed storms MU Terrace

Wearing shimmering gray overalls, the four members of the Minneapolis-based rhythm ensemble Savage Aural Hotbed mounted the stage at the Memorial Union Terrace to the sound of excited cheers Saturday Night.

Those not familiar with the group wondered out loud at the style of music that could possibly eminate from trash cans, circular saws and the other miscellaneous bits of equipment dotting the overcrowded stage.

When everything was said and done, all parties seemed t agree that what they had just witnessed was a fantasic bit of aural, as well as visual, entertainment.

Savage Aural Hotbed began the evening with two songs that featured mainly standard-style drums and incoherent shouts courtesy of the bass player.

Then, as everyone began to see a pattern form, an electric sander was employed to spice up the bass lines and two circular saws began throwing sparks and making music.

The show continued in a like manner; the percussionists flailed about with synchronized precision while making unique and enjoyable sounds leap from the Terrace stage. The crowd responded by dancing and shouting along with the pulsating beat.

The live show is definitely where Savage Aural Hotbed reigns. While the sounds themselves are enjoyable, the fusion of the visual element with the otherwise pleasant sounds forms a stage presence few could deny.