Savage Aural Hotbed

Article from The Daily Cardinal (9/16/98) - by Brian Gettler

Bring the Noize: Savage Aural Hotbed

Known for a constant stream of pulsating rhythm and a knack for creating music using vessels that are not otherwise considered to have much auditory value, Savage Aural Hotbed has built a name for itself in the Midwest's underground music scene. In the p ast, this percussion-based ensemble has achieved acclaim for its studio albums, live shows and original music/theater pieces. When listening to Gomi Daiko, the audience begins to understand why.

Gomi Daiko is a CD reissue of a 1992 LP configured release of the same name. Although the music presented is six years old, each of the tracks remain vital and interesting, and, since there have been very few ventures into similar musical territory in th e time since its original release, the album refuses to concede and amount of originality.

Gomi Daiko, Japanese for "garbage drum," is a collection of rhythmically intense tracks that feature several unconventional instruments, most of which would probably be considered trash. On these instruments, Savage Aural Hotbed is able to fashion a soun d that is most reminiscent of Japanese Taiko drumming.

In addition to the urgent pounding of the percussion, the band presents the listener with inustrial-like guitar noise and bass lines much like those employed by the Minutemen. The instrumental clamor contained on Gomi Daiko serves to create a highly entr ancing and enjoyable auditory experience.

When listening to Savage Aural Hotbed's performance on Gomi Daiko, you cannot help but be impressed by the intricate arrangement of sounds that the band manages to pack into 50 minutes. If you've ever wanted the singer to shut up and let the rhythm secti on take over, lend Gomi Daiko an ear. You won't be disappointed.