Savage Aural Hotbed

Article from City Pages (May 6, 1998)

Savage Aural Hotbed/My Scarlet Life

A decade ago, steel-bashing supermen Savage Aural Hotbed emerged from the industrial music morass — and we're talking the old-fashioned, Neubauten kind of industrial — on the way to evolving into the bombastic, percussive, ambient entity that we know to day. You can hear the tail end of their intriguing early days on the band's new UltraModern retrospective, Gomi Daiko (which means "garbage drums" in Japanese, thus revealing both SAvage's physical devices and their cultural reference points).

Their greatest work to date might have been their aural and physical decimation of a metalshod Red Eye stage last year, but expect sparks to fly high at the Entry. Whether you wat entertainment or an intellectual jolt, you're set. My Scarlet Life is a d escendant of the great, defunct Chicago dream-chorus outfit Big Hat. Vav Jungle opens.