Savage Aural Hotbed

Review of the album, "Gomi Daiko" in Baby Sue Review #27

Savage Aural Hotbed - Gomi Daiko

Another obscure gem from Savage aural Hotbed. You's think with the wealth of CDs being released that it's be easy to find unique and original artists... WRONG. In actuality, there are way too many carbon copies floating around... and with so much stuf f being released, it all becomes very mundane and samey because there are so few folks with real imagination. This is NOT the case with Savage Aural Hotbed. This band's music is based on rhythm and percussion... almost tribal in a way. These folks are more concerned with creating a mood with their music than churning out sing-songy choruses and melodies. The best part is... it works beautifully. This CD is a collection of early, previously unreleased compositions. This stuff is absolutely GREAT. It may take a bit of looking, but this is a disc worth seeking out... (Rating: 6)